Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank you!!

Jaymi had her annual eye appointment with her optometrist yesterday. Everything went fine. She is a little near-sighted in one eye, which is normal for a 7-yr-old, especially while going through a growth spurt. They'll just watch to make sure it corrects itself, which it usually does.
The diplopia that she has had in one eye, since her surgery, is still there, a little bit, but her ophthalmologist is watching that, to make sure it keeps getting better on its own.

Anyway, I took this picture of Dr. Stewart and Jaymi, and thanked the doctor, again, for her help in June. After seeing a neurologist, and waiting almost 2 weeks for a CT scan, this was the doctor who finally noticed something, and got things moving for us. The morning that Jaymi had her eye appointment (which wasn't scheduled...she let us in without an appointment), the doctor saw (in the retinal scan) severe swelling and immediately contacted our family doctor, at home on her cell phone, telling her she HAD to come in to see Jaymi THAT DAY. That ultimately led to a CT scan later that afternoon, and by the evening, we were flying to Vancouver to the Children's Hospital.
We have so many doctors to thank, but this was the doctor who got things rolling, and just in time, too!

Thank you so much, Dr. Stewart!!

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