Monday, November 2, 2009

Freaky Fall Fair

We found this very cool, small, autumn event last week, called Freaky Fall Fair.
Jaymi dressed up as a turtle (that was her plan for her Halloween costume - same as last year - she wanted to be a fairy but thought it might be too cold...more to come on what she actually chose for Halloween in my next blog entry).
The decorations were fantastic. There was a craft table set up which Jaymi spent most of her time at. There was a huge snake that you could hold. There were other bugs as well, to look at and learn about. Lots of facts on different kinds of animals.
There was special tea made along with crackers and different types of spreads to sample.
There was an x-ray machine display device set up with real animal x-rays to look at.
And the best part - a haunted house for kids to go through. Reeeally dark with lots of motion-triggered sounds and things to put your hand in and feel. There was a little ladder with an area set up that kids could climb into and sit in, to see what it would feel like to be in a bird's mouth.
And Jaymi's favourite part - a pretend spider web to reach through, where you could grab a spider ring to keep.

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