Sunday, October 4, 2009

My "Little" Girl

I can't believe she is almost 7 years old!
I love who she's turning into, but I also miss that she's not little anymore.
I love that she still wants to hold my hand, and enjoys 'mommy-daughter' time.
I love that she knows the capital of Iceland, the set of animal kingdoms and phylums, and her times tables.
I love that she runs around the house in fairy wings and tutus, yet she doesn't mind getting dirty and doing 'boy' things.
I love that she mismatches her socks.
I love that she yells "MUSTANG!" every time she sees one while we're driving.
I love that there is always something kid-like in my pocket, when I least expect it, like a sticker, a plastic frog, or a bouncy ball.
I love that when everyone I know sees anything to do with turtles, they think of her.
I love her thirst for learning.
I love her passion and persistence.
I love that she reminds me to obey the speed limit.
I love that she wants the whole world to recycle, take the bus, and use hybrid vehicles.
I love that she is in love with seals, turtles, and otters.
I love that she loves language.
I love that she doesn't want to grow up too fast.
I love that she likes to eat roasted seaweed.
I love her love for reading.
I love that she wants to be a marine biologist.
I love her uniqueness.

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