Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baking Cookies

Jaymi made cookies yesterday. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. They were very good too.
Okay, we cheated a bit - the dough was already pre-made. But she did everything herself. I mean, everything!
She looked up the temperature to preheat the oven, got a stool to boost herself up to reach the oven controls, and preheated. Then, she put aluminum foil on a cookie sheet, sprayed it with cooking spray, formed the dough into little balls, and flattened the balls on the cookie sheet. She made them however she wanted to - I didn't help her at all. She ended up with huge cookies, and very strange-shaped cookies.
Then, she got oven mitts on, opened the oven and put the cookies in.
She also had to set the timer AND listen for when it beeped. She took the cookies out, and she even got a toothpick and tested the cookies with it! (I didn't tell her to do that - she is used to doing it when we bake loaves.)
Then, of course, we got to eat them. :D

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M i k e B said...

Ok, this is adorable. From that first shot where the cat was helping, to the huge cookies, to the fact that she was wearing fairy wings the whole time. Great job, Jaymi!