Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaymi!

Jaymi turned 7 a few days ago, and she had a great time. Her birthday was on a Thursday, and it was picture day at school. She was thrilled. Also, it was chapel day, which meant she got to stand up in front of the school and everyone sang happy birthday to her.
We had a celebration for her at home that evening, and gave her her family presents. On Saturday, she had a big birthday party with tons of friends. It was a Rainbow Fairy party...really, an Enchanted Forest theme, with elves and fairies. She loves the Rainbow Fairies book series, as well as all fairies in general.

I made cupcakes for her class at school, on the day of her birthday. I did chocolate cupcakes with gummy turtles on top. This is Jaymi with one of her best friends, who came over on her birthday because she couldn't make it to the party on Saturday.

She really wanted a shopping cart, and we found the coolest one - made of sturdy metal with wheels and a little place for a 'child' (stuffie) to sit in too!

Present table at the party.

Even I decided to be a fairy - a mommy fairy. ;)

My mom made her a fantastic fairy costume to wear, from her favourite pink tutu, a body suit, her fairy wings, and lots of glittery flowers and sequins.

All of the fairies & elves at the party.

Playing a ring toss game.

Doing crafts - they made magic wands, bookmarks, and fairies, of course.

The cake was a big success too.

My 7-yr-old - the day after her birthday, going to ballet with her new leg warmers on.

Rainbow Fairies book.

Big smile :D

One of her favourite birthday presents - Pooky the Webkinz cat.

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M i k e B said...

Awwwww! Happy Belated Birthday to Jaymi! It certainly sounds like she had a wonderful few days focused on her special time. It's so hard to believe that she's already 7! She was 5 when we first "met".

And I must say, it was a real treat getting to see you again, even if all we got was a winged-side-view. :)