Friday, September 18, 2009

Well, it's been a crazy, busy, stressful, summer and the time that we have been waiting for has finally arrived. That is, the dates of Jaymi's doctor's appointments in Vancouver, and her MRI. Her first MRI since the one she had directly after surgery.

So, we promised Jaymi that when we went back to Vancouver, we would make sure we did something fun. She got to choose, and she chose the Vancouver Aquarium. That's the first thing we will do when we get there.

On Monday we may have a tough morning, because Jaymi will not be allowed any food after midnight.
We meet with the woman who is involved in a brain tumour study that we have joined in with. The study is about the effects of brain tumours and brain surgery, and hopefully our involvement will help some other kid at some point, and maybe Jaymi as well.

On Monday afternoon, Jaymi will have her MRI. She is still only 6, so she will have an IV and be sleeping for the procedure.
We have a follow-up appointment booked with her neurosurgeon in the afternoon, where he will also discuss the results of the MRI.

The next day, she has an ophthalmology appointment followed by a neuropsychologist appointment. The neuropsych. appointment is 3 hours long and is also part of the study.

Then, we go back home.

We are praying for the tumour to just disappear. That is our best hope - that it goes completely away. At some point, anyway.
Jaymi has no symptoms at all this time, and the effects of the tumour and the surgery have been steadily getting better and better, so we are hoping that the tumour has at least stayed put or who knows - even shrunk!

Think of us on Monday!

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