Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, the trip to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver went well. Jaymi went through her MRI, sedated, and was fine. She didn’t like the IV at all this time, but she handled it okay. They even put a hospital bracelet on her stuffie that she brought with her!

We met with her neurosurgeon to do a follow-up appointment and look at the results. The piece of the tumor that is still there hasn’t grown at all. It actually looks as if it has gotten smaller, and technically, I guess, it has, but that it because it was swollen before and now it’s not.’s still there, but nothing has changed – which is good. Very good.
The doctor was so happy with how everything looks, that he doesn’t need to see her now, until next June, when she’ll have her next MRI!

She also saw her ophthalmologist in Vancouver, who says that although her eye is not completely back to normal, it’s halfway down (better) from where it was in June. We will have an ophthalmolgist appointment in 3 months again, here in Victoria, and then in June in Vancouver.

She had a neuropsych. appointment while we were there, and we get the results of that, in a couple of weeks. That will help us figure out what kind of help she needs in school.
The study we are involved in, is a 3-year study of the late effects of a posterior fossa tumor after treatment (surgery and/or radiation) and we will meet with the study co-ordinator next June and the June after that, to participate in that as well.

And of course, we went to the Aquarium the first day and had lots of fun before starting all of these appointments. Jaymi loved seeing the two baby beluga whales that are there as well as the sea turtle and a new favourite for her – the sea otters. We also got to do the newest thing at the Aquarium – the 4D movie – fun!

We are all exhausted from our trip, but happy with the results.

We let Jaymi 'decorate' the inside of the car for our trip (since we were bringing the car on the ferry). She spent about an hour doing it, and probably began with about 40 stuffies in there, until we got her down to, maybe, 15?

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