Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaymi!

I can't believe my daughter is 6 years old! Wow!
She wanted a turtle birthday party this year. She LOVES turtles.
She also wanted to invite a ton of friends this year. We have never had so many children here for her party! Luckily, a few couldn't make it, so our final total (including her) was 13. They had an awesome time.

We found this great stuffed turtle that we gave her.We also gave her this great road sign for her room.
And this Twilight Turtle. It lights up the stars and moon on her ceiling (acting as a nightlight) and turns off automatically after 45 minutes, and it's a turtle! Perfect!
There was obviously way more food than this, but I took this picture before a lot of it was set out.
I made little jello turtles, Jaymi and I made these cute fish made of pretzels and dried apricots, I made baked cinnamon crisps in the shape of turtles, we had lots of dips and tortilla chips, cheesy popcorn, a shrimp ring, veggies and dips, seashell pasta with cheese, Goldfish crackers and lots of other stuff.
This was one of Jaymi's favourite surprises at her party...a great big foil turtle balloon.
I can't believe I managed to get a group picture of all the kids, smiling, and basically looking at the camera!
I gave them a chance to do a funny face picture too.
And at the end, I told them all to hug Jaymi at the same time - she got so squished! They were all giggling so hard!

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owen,tania,caleb,thaddeus, gideon,hannah said...

what a fun looking birthday party! Happy Birthday Jaymi!!