Wednesday, June 24, 2009

365 Update

Here is the next set of my 365 project of Jaymi:

15/365 - At the Beach
We had a playdate with a friend, at the lagoon.
16/365 - Friendship
Jaymi and Tori had a great playdate together, eating strawberries and playing pretend games.

17/365 - Painted Nails
18/365 - Class Field Trip
Jaymi and I got to join her class for a field trip to the Duncan Forestry Museum.
19/365 - Happy
20/365 - Jumping for Joy
Jaymi is thrilled that she can now jump and run again. She keeps asking if she can practice running.
21/365 - Swinging!
This was the last day of school for Jaymi. She went to the class party and she was finally allowed to swing on the swings. She didn't even take the time to eat any lunch - just had fun swinging and playing with the kids, just being a kid without any restrictions - finally!

1 comment:

mar said...

I love seeing these snippets! I'm so glad to read that life is returning to normal for Jaymi, and the rest of you.
She's really changing in looks - you can see the BIG kid now.